The Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund

Dear North Carolina Disciples:

The Christian Church in North Carolina invites you to prayerfully read our brochure on the newly established LEGACY FUND.

Have you considered and determined how your assets are to be used after you are gone? Did you know that by making an end of life gift to the LEGACY FUND you can provide support for our Regional Ministries that enables this work to continue into the future, year after year?

Have you, a family member or member of your church family been touched and blessed in some way through the work of the Region? Your minister certainly has. Most likely many youth, men and women you know have also. It is almost impossible not to be touched and blessed either directly or indirectly by our Region’s work as members of the Christian Church.

You can make a meaningful and lasting difference through the LEGACY FUND. Just let God help and guide you as you think about this as a possibility.


Rev. Rex Horne
Chair Endowment Committee