Regional Assembly

Regional Assembly


Our Resilient Region Hosts One Assembly in Two Parts

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Dear North Carolina Disciple Friends,

You have surely heard that old tagline often used in reference to Gotham and its five boroughs: New York, New York – the city so nice they named it twice. Well, the same type of sentiment may be applied to the upcoming Regional Assembly of the Christian Church in North Carolina – so fabulous that one day is not enough.

This year, it is my delight to invite you not to the Regional Assembly, but to the Regional Assemblies, or at least the two parts of it – A and B – both of which are being offered virtually this year. We will gather around the theme: Telling Our Stories – Vital Conversations.

Assembly A: Telling Our Stories Saturday, April 23rd at 9:30AM

It has been a tough couple of years for congregations, ministers, and laypeople of the CCNC. In many, many ways, we have not been able to be church and do ministry in the ways that have been most familiar to us. But God has been with us, stirring us to try new things and venture in new directions. In short, the wilderness in which we have been traveling has not been devoid of grace, and we have stories to tell about what these experiences have meant to us. We will start the day with Rev. Chris Furr leading us to recognize and claim this remarkable, divine presence, and we will have the opportunity to hear some other brief voices from our region telling some of their stories. There will be the mix of music and celebration, business and deliberation, and a closing communion service led by Bishop Melvin to wrap up our storytelling.

Assembly B: Vital Conversations Saturday, May 21 at 9:30AM

Because we will be holding a second gathering, we will be blessed to be able to turn the entire event over to Brian D. McLaren who has been one of the clearest voices describing what the new, emerging church is likely to look like. One of Brian’s observations is that the coronavirus has not so much changed the trajectory the church is on, as much as it has accelerated these changes. So, in addition to speaking to us, McLaren will be facilitating conversations among our participants and extracting common themes and perspectives out of that dialogue. It promises to be a remarkable day for those who have been wondering what is happening to us and how churches will come out of the pandemic.