Regional Assembly

Regional Assembly

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These words, which will serve as our theme for this year’s Regional Assembly, come from Dag Hammarskjold’s pen, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. We have lifted these words from his journal/diary pages, published posthumously under the title, Markings.

As we began our work on the Assembly, the COVID-19 pandemic’s realities were paramount in our hearts and minds. Congregations, pastors, and church members have lived for a year in a mood of enormous uncertainty – in many cases trying to reinvent authentic worship carried on the Internet…trying to figure out how to do ministry and mission in distanced ways…struggling to maintain congregational intimacy while apart. And all the time, trying to keep one another safe and healthy. It became clear that we would not be able to hold our spring gathering in person because of current health conditions.

So, while our time together is always a time to celebrate where we have been and how we have come to the present moment, we are still called to affirm what lies ahead. This seemed especially true this year. So, we choose to say Thanks for all that has made up the faithful witness of the CCNC, especially in the past year, but to also speak a deliberate and forceful Yes to what shall be opening up before us.

We invite you to join us on April 17th as we gather again in gratitude and expectation. Enclosed are registration materials – complete them for yourself and make sure that others in your church have them in their hands as well. And I will see you in just a few short weeks. God bless.

Gary L. Walling, Chair
Commission on Regional Assembly