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Disciples Church Extension Fund Offers Assistance in Applying for Paycheck Protection Plan Loans

Dear Church: During this moment of self-containment, households are doing what they can to remain calm and stable. Keeping some sense of normalcy requires resources, and a large number of North Carolinians laid off due to COVID-19 (170K) gives cause for economic concern. Unemployment is not only a concern of the business sector of our state but churches as well. We appreciate that the CARES Act Payment Protection Plan did not exclude most non-profit organizations (including churches) from protecting their…

Official COVID-19 Week of Compassion Grants and Food Stamp Supplement

Dear Region of NC: We are beginning to receive notification of resources that address household needs. There are two items to review. The Household Solidarity grant, and a letter explaining the food stamp supplement that was passed in the Families First Coronavirus Bill and how it will be implemented in NC. We pray that these resources will be helpful. Share with as many as you can.  You can read the attachments here and here. Blessings, +Valerie Melvin Regional Minister ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

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