Youth and RCYW

Youth and RCYW

Chi Rho is primarily focused on the spiritual development of youth in middle school. They are given the opportunity to participate in outreach projects, worship and bible lessons that are designed to inspire them to live lives that reflect their faith.

Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) is a youth ministry dedicated to the growth of high school students within North Carolina region’s congregations.The CYF in North Carolina exists to help youth discover the love and grace of God, to nurture the inner presence of the Holy Spirit, to reveal and to extol a Christian lifestyle, and to provide a community of faith for young people based upon the five components of youth ministry: Community, Mission, Recreation, Study, and Worship.

Both Chi Rho and CYF have two retreats at Camp Caroline during the school year.  If you would like more information on those retreats, check out our Youth Retreats page.

The Regional Cabinet for Youth Work (RCYW) is a group of young people from across the state who are active in their local Disciples of Christ churches and/or the regional camping programs.  Young people who are selected for RCYW show a strong interest in church leadership, improving their own leadership capabilities, and a passion for the church.  These young leaders not only attend regional camps and retreats, but they also help to plan and lead those events as well. Our goal as a group is to grow the leadership qualities in each member, learn to work together with others as a team and deepen our faith as a community and as individuals.  Throughout the year, we meet at least 5 different times to do the work of the church.  We are a representative body of the youth across the state and serve in that capacity on various regional committees and board meetings.

To apply for RCYW, please complete the RCYW Application (click File and Make A Copy or Download As) and email it to Courtney Cartwright ( The application and references are due by January 31.