Update from Ministries Across Generations (for families)

Update from Ministries Across Generations (for families)

Please check out all COVID-19 “School’s Out” Information.

Three… WAIT 4! … Types of Online/Virtual Faith Gatherings! (Until … ??)
Many youth, young adult, children and family ministers (30+) were able to quickly gather online Monday to discuss the best ways to support one another as we continue to respond faithfully to the communities we love. I know a few of you were not able to make it to this safe space, but we are going to continue to offer this resource of connectivity.

First… We are moving platforms! After a few encounters in our virtual world, we needed to create a better (and more consistent) home for just us to serve with YOU! We are like a group that has been meeting in another room at the church, and now we get our own space. We knew the need to change platforms to accommodate during this time might happen and we thank you for your patience as we “get comfy” in our new space. (Presence is more important that perfection… right?)

We are moving to Zoom and are offering it exclusively for Ministries Across Generations and all we do to serve YOU! If you need to share in this platform, please contact us.

There will be 4 “meeting rooms” that will not change access codes: the links below should work for every gathering. (I hope.)
Virtual Meeting Countdown…. (Newest first!) 

4. Youth, YA and Children Leaders
EVERY Monday, 2:30 pm (EST)

NEW! We have decided to continue to host a “Leader” gathering for the next few weeks. The ideas, insights, and connection were great!
Join Zoom Meeting, https://us04web.zoom.us/j/987027306, Meeting ID: 987 027 306

3. Youth, Young Adults, & Leaders Online Faith Discussion,
EVERY Tuesday-Friday, 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm (EST)
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/795411254, Meeting ID: 795 411 254

2. Family, Children, & Leaders Activity Online Faith
EVERY Tuesday-Friday, 11:00 am – 11:30 am (EST),
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/180165166, Meeting ID: 180 165 166

1. 20 Minute Family Worship & Wonder
EVERY Sunday at 12:45 pm (EST)
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/518674137, Meeting ID: 518 674 137

Getting Ready to Worship and Learn Together — Online
You do not have to have anything, but as people who understand and experience worship and learning in multi-sensory ways, we encourage you to help get ready for our time together with the following updates and items.

  1. Candle (any kind) and a way to light the candle
  2. Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils
  3. Drawing Paper
  4. Communion/Feast: (Juice, Crackers, etc.)
    You are also welcome to bring pipe cleaners, play-do, scissors, tape, and other craft supplies.

The great ideas and updates from Monday’s meeting…
1. Based on your feedback, we will be updating the Social Media and Safety Resources. Here is what we have at this time, but more will be prepared and updated by Monday’s meeting. Plus – here is the link to John Roberto’s “Moving Faith Formation Online” from Vibrant Faith.
2. There are larger churches which have staff that are working on “Virtual Easter and Lent” options. While we already have many online ways to engage at home, and many liturgical ways to engage, we will share these aforementioned churches’ “Virtual Easter” bags, updates, and online experiences. (One person is working on a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.)
3. Solo pastors and smaller churches: These online groups are specifically here to help provide something for those in your churches of all ages, and a space to help you reach those ages that sometimes get missed.
4. The Office of Christian Vocations is creating an online map with links to virtual worship experiences provided by local congregations. You can see this map system at:
Any local congregation who is leading virtual online/Web live worship can email with a link to where their live worships can be found, and I will add these to the map.
5. Stop and take care of yourself: 3-Minute Retreat Online and d365.org.
6. Kristen Jack’s Fun Youtube: @cccwaco  (We will add this to a playlist on the DHM Families and Children YouTube, and continue adding more.)

All of us are in this together!
Let’s work smarter and not harder – together!
(I know… Disciples LOVE to create their own stuff!) … but
MAG is here to help you find what you need to reach
children, families, young adults, youth, and the intergenerational church at this time